Educational Support

Welcome to the Antrim Elementary Educational Support page. Our team works with students who have Individual Educational Plans (I.E.P.) to assist them in accessing the curriculum. We also assist in progress monitoring student progress of all of our students three times a year so classroom teachers can use the assessment data to inform their instruction. We all enjoy doing all that we can to help children be successful in school.

Want to support your child’s learning at home?
  • Read every day! Reading to your child can have a positive impact on their academic success. Take time to talk to them about parts of the book; the title, author, table of contents etc… Ask them questions; what happened at the beginning, middle end? What connections do they have to the story? Looking for a book to read to your child? Our local library is a great resource.

  • Numbers! Practice counting as high as your child can, or start at any number. Skip count by 2’s,5’s,10’s. Count backwards. Practice writing numbers.

Online resources:

Our Special Education Teachers
Katie Page, Allison Lipnoski, Jean Robinson

Katie Page, Allison Lipnoski, Jean Robinson