10 School Street, Antrim, NH 03440

Tel: (603) 588-6371 Fax: (603) 588-6972

Hours: 8:40 AM - 3:25 PM

Related Contacts

Bus Company Tel: (603) 924-9211

District Administration

SAU #1 106 Hancock Road Peterborough, NH 03458

Tel: (603) 924-3336 Fax: (603) 924-6707

Learning Environment

Antrim Elementary School provides a safe environment where children are challenged to take academic risks. Teachers deliver instruction designed to provide each student with the help and support he or she needs to meet grade-level expectations outlined in New Hampshire’s state standards.

Student learning experiences include a rich mix of whole-group instruction, small-group instruction, differentiated learning centers, and independent work. During whole-group instruction, teachers model key concepts and skills. During small group instruction, teachers target instruction to better meet the specific learning needs of each student, guiding students as they practice applying concepts and skills. During differentiated learning centers, students have opportunities to practice concepts and skills with support from their peers. During independent work time, students have opportunities to demonstrate their ability to independently apply learned concepts and skills in new contexts.

AES uses the Responsive Classroom approach in developing and teaching social skills. This approach helps teachers establish a calm and safe classroom while helping children develop self-discipline and a sense of community and responsibility. Along with Responsive Classroom, the school also uses the Zones of Regulation, a curriculum designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control.

Family Involvement

Antrim Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is active and meets regularly. The PTO supports the school with multiple fundraising events and their time.

Community Connection

The location of Antrim Elementary School provides the students and staff with a variety of opportunities to connect with the larger community of Antrim. We believe that strengthening and sustaining the connection between school and community is critically important. AES has a strong partnership with the town library in particular.